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'll tell you, god wants to use you, brother. he wants to not only bless you, but make you a great blessing. and the devil just tried to hinder you in every way possible, but how many of you know the devil is a liar? amen. no matter what the enemy does, he's a defeated foe. hallelujah. in jesus' mighty name! >> it's gone! >> say it again! >> it's gone! >> it's gone! >> well, i've had two- several things happen since i've been praying with the pastor. i have a daughter in washington, d.c. who gave up her faith in god and would curse god. and the more i prayed, the further she would get away. she was even speaking in sinister and diabolical tones. and after praying and getting the water, she's now converted, she's now reconfirmed her belief in god, and you told me i would get $20,000. i've gotten $22,000, and money's coming in from somewhere. i don't know where, it just keeps being deposited in my checking account. i don't know where it's coming from. >> how many of you know that's miracle money? >> she was agreeing with you in prayer that she could quit her job, and her husband would be fina
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, "how am i going to get on that plane?" and i was sitting there waiting for us to get ready for take-off. and it hit. it hit like the biggest storm ever. the sweat.t rate. the full-blown panic attack.he stewardess, i said, "you have to off this plane. i am not going to be able to settle down." and then, like, i just started to scream, and i said, "you have to get me off the flight now, or we're gonnate pilot's gonna have to turnound , because i am not gonna be abfor 3/12 hours." and, i mean, i was embarrassed. i was crying, but i couldn't control the panic attack. the pilot said, "okay, fine. we have to get her off the flight." >> my mom would sit me down or tell me before i would leave that she might not be there when i got back. she would allude to th going to kill herself. i thought it was my responsibility to make sure that those bad things that i feared did not happen, and that's when my panic attacks started. >> well, my self-esteem all of my confidence. no independence. i just started to depend on people. i became a vic i just turned myself into a victim of these circumstances
the obstacles so what are you waiting for call us now what's going on right here. maam, with the ipod on. you having any no. you got scared oh. hey, tu didn't tell me was going to be on camera. the government is looking for me right now. how you doing sister in the green shirt. are you ok? no i am not doing ok i was i found a dream job i found my soul mate i still have the job but i lost my soul mate but now i've got to pay him 50% of my earnings. well i'll tell you what with that 50% money that yo that because you don't have to put nothing down that's right 0 down no payments for six weeks what do you have to lose very beautiful girl too i really don't mess with a lot of women that wear their hair over their eye like that especially with and she moved her hair andr hern she didn't have no eye man. wait a minute. is that why you got your hair like this? on back here now? i'm in college you know i have no money my textbooks basically took all my money so. i know what you all are thinking you all can't do at sign & drive for 45 yes we can but we are only taking 500 callers i can't stress it you
how much product are you using? - what enrique said-- "little dab, size of a peach." - i'm pretty sure he said, "size of a pea." - oh, well, that's good, because i've been going through a tube a day. - yeah, you may want to shower before the photographer's tonight. - oh, honey, do we have to do that? - yes. it's nice that my mom wants to put our engagement in the newspaper. - i know, but why do we need a new picture? i mean, can't we just send the one we already have? - i'd rather not. - why? - look, honey, it's just that in all the pictures that we have, you tend to look... you know... super gay. - what are you talking about? - well, you know how some people are photogenic? you're kind of "homogenic." - "homogenic"? - you tend to look gay in pictures. - what? i do not. well, i mean, maybe in that one from scotty's bachelor party, but i was just pretending to do that 'cause he was passed out. i mean, that's-- that's what you do. - look, maybe it's the way you smile or how you pose, but i'd rather not have everyone in my hometown saying, "oh, look, jen's marrying george michael." -
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tryur family this, too, you know. why? i'm used to them. it's like getting into a hot bath. you know, at first it's so hot that you don't think you can take it. but then, you know, once you get your luggage in, it's not that bad. you did a wonderful job of kneading, amy. thanks. i needed to hear that. adorable. ok, next we're going to roll the dough. now, it can't be too thick or too thin. it needs a light touch. shall we let amy continue? yeah, go ahead, amy. already on a roll. right. so that's good. see? back and forth. just like ironing. oh... ha ha. i know, it's true, i can't iron. well...where were we? oh. ok, ok. amy, you continue doing that, and i'm gonna need some help with the sauce. um... d to you? whatever you say, marie. you're the master. what? you're the master. i mean, i'm just happy to be here. you're a brilliant cook. thank you. those are such lovely eoh, thank you, marie. you always have such nice taste. marie: are you all right, dear? yes, i've just never seen... such lovely earrings. oh. you like those? mommy. yeah, honey? the boys keep blocking the tv. well, reme
could tell us anything. that's fine when you're young, but you can't stay at war with the world all of your life. 'cause no matter what, world's gonna win. still, you thought he was a good father? yeah, i saw for myself. eric's shoulder got damaged during his birth. he could never move it right. he couldn't play sports or throw a ball. lloyd wouay with eric for hours. ing catch with him. a cross word. never lost patience. that kid loved him. if you see eric, give us a call? thanks. throwing balls. throwing bullets. it's all the same to lloyd. looks like we got a family reunion to catch. i got there right after 3:00, but the store was already closed. i'll go back. everything else is set. stretches? your exercises? at's your heart rate at? i got it to 170 for 20 minutes. you need to do better. you should be able to hold that for 30 minutes. come on, dad. you know i can do it. you have to stay sharp. everything's on you now, son. don't let me down. i won't. hey, aren't you lloyd's kid?n. i'll bet he was happy yeah, sure he was. happy to see his son. he tell you we found the postcards h
. - you know, someone's really not using their brain here. - is it me? - no. it's jeff. - what? what is it i'm missing? - have you told audrey the bachelor party's canceled? - no, not yet. ah, genius. - let's all go. - so you're just gonna lie to audrey? - a lie undiscovered becomes a truth. - i, for one, would love to see atlantic city. i've never before experienced the thrill of gambling. - well, i can't go. jen and i have movie night tonight. and, you know, i'd really hate to disappoint her. - hey, i've been married for 14 years. trust me, getting them used to being disappointed is not a bad thing. - okay, well, look, i mean, jen loves movie night. and besides, i don't want it to be awkward. i don't really know chuck, so... - chuck's not even gonna be-- ah! - oh, my god. you cannot believe how happy i am. my aunt judy has a bacterial infection. - yay. take that, old lady who i don't know. - no, she had to cancel her visit. and since jeff's in a.c. all weekend, i thought you and i could hit the overnight spa. i have a two-for-one voucher. - oh, i am totally in. all i had planned wa
, and this queen over here is my wife, your mommy. >> hi, baby. >> and right in here, this is where you used to live before you lived here. >> ah! >> right inside of there. and you're gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger. you're a little small now, but gonna get huge. >> thank you, will. thank you. >> nephew, what kind of video are you shooting in my house? >> uncle brown. all right, that is the famous uncle brown. say hi, uncle brown. say hi to the baby. >> unless i can write him off on my taxes, i ain't got time. >> come on, say something nice. >> nice? i got to go. hey. >> wh-- uh, uh, look. his last name's brown, too, but there's really no relation. remember, don't look directly at his clothes. >> don't let your baby see you get beat down. this is how it look when your daddy get beat down. see -- when uncles attack. >> all right, anyway, okay, all right, get me, get me -- here, here, here. hey, here. >> what? >> come on, get me... >> are you serious? >> yes, yes. i'm excited. all right, ready? tell me when you're ready. >> all right, daddy. okay, what do you have to say? >> all right,
think you hed us talking about spitually goo ink everybody a mail in heaven i pointeout thscripture the gospel where christ wh e sadbucees d pharisees see thsaddees did not believein life after deat th were tryingo tempt him to hut a hyphetical on him th said okay thiwon marriedto aan didn't raise any childreno he dieshe married his other didn't raise up then we went to ts then we went to this 567 tis none of them were able children and she died which of the ven brothe was her mberne áheydidn't believeon ig )esurrection as a givway jessaid y do air dyour thinking in thepower od in heaven and the resurrecon there is no givingnd taking in marriage therefore everybody every entity is goigg toe a mail at that point made the point spiritually we are all t bride of christ at that int in te whats bride brideis minine notasculine donna arnsas is there way to fin out which e of the 12 tres you are a member of no not really there isa book we offer in our libraryalled the ste pallel ihink that book prokes htorically in denmark that a book that of#e) peoe n't en know today if you ask them wh
't happen to me. >> i said that too. but thank goodness i had a backup plan. i used my time wisely in college and got my degree. lucky for me i had something to fall back on. >> so what, now you don't think i should play either? >> you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say you did your best to pass mr. jackson's test and that you tried your absolute hardest, then, yeah, you can play. >> i can? >> he can? >> well, i tried my absolute hardest. i'm going to play. >> i think that's a huge mistake. >> i don't think so. i'll bet your life on it. >> no, i didn't try my hardest. i'm not going to play. >> you're smarter than you look. >> where could he be? >> i can't believe this is happening. >> did you get the chicken cacciatore? >> i promise, i didn't eat it. bobby did. >> why did bobby do that? >> because i gave it to him. >> i can't believe you would purposely hurt me. >> i was trying to think about yourself, ka sandra, i can whip up another one fast. go stall martin. >> it's okay, it's over. maybe this is a sign. >> yeah, it's a sign that i'm selfish. i was jealous and hate
for the half naked drunk chicks. > so the u.s. armyupset. >> why? >> basically the caption saidlo but we think it is disgusting that you allowed this chick to got upset by on -- it and they have removed that entire scene from the video. >> who would be ok to masturbating on the flag? >> kate upton. >> that i could handle. >> betsy ross. >> paul revere and betsy ross. >> i got dikembe mutombo at >> have you seen the commercial with him? >> he's like no, no, no! >> i ask him, do people always ask you to do the no, no? >> >> when you block as many shots as i have done -- >> i can't stop looking at his hands. his hands are so big, especially his middle finger. they judge your penis by your middle finger. they say not your feet, your middle finger. and it's so big. i can use it as a belt. it's so long. huge! >> it's funny. there are rumors that him and patrick ewing had compression shorts with a separate top for their dongs. >> rumors around that say that. >> they're short. they might fall out the bottom. >> all of a sudden you have mushroom head around the basketball court. >> blocking the shots.
que el gobierno sirio ocupo el metodo para atacar a su propio medio >> el epto de defensa de los us prepara las opciones para enfrentar la crisis >> rusia seria el mayor obstaculo para que el gobierno de los estados unidos intervenga militarmente >> ha disparado la venta de mascaras de as en países de la región >> en miami se hace presente la comunidad musulmana exigen el fin de la violencia en siria , en egipto y en toda la región >> seguimos en el tema, el papa francisco pidio a la comunidad internacional que semuestrew más senscibel por la tragica situación y que el mundo dediqu su esfuerzo que tenga una solución a la guerra civil que cobro más de 100 mil vidas, el papa hizo la petición ante miles de fieles en la plaza de san pedro >> alalarmante cifra de homicidios en caracas va en aumento pese a la violencia criminal 3500 asesiantos fueron en el primer semestre del año, todo parece indicar que el país pueda superar las tasas anuales de homicidio, tenemos un panorama de la situación >> son imágenes captadas en el este de caracas, , , el intento de una repe todo terre
something slightly illegal out of my bag. >> cora. cora. co--cora, look, i'm not giving up on us! >> what you need to do is leave me alone! >> oh, cora, somebody bothering you? don't make me kangaroo kick you, boy. >> brown, i don't want no trouble. i was just trying to talk to cora. >> first of all, it's mr. brown to you. and i don't know where you from, but where i'm from, if you mess with mine, you mess with me, so let's take this outside, take our shirts off. >> i'm not going outside with you. >> you gonna get harpooned if we take our shirts off. you keep yours on. >> look, i'm not going outside with you, brown. >> well, you can get it whooped right in here 'cause i'll take these keys -- i'll take these keys right -- no, not them keys. them for the church. but these keys right here? boy, i'll key-eee! what -- you -- i'll -- give me something. i'll start -- >> what is wrong with you? i mean, i can understand cora being mad, but you should be glad that me and cora ain't getting married. >> i am glad, but you hurt my cora. >> i can't marry her, brown, 'cause i love her too much. >> what?
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)